Those of us with toddlers will know they have a mind of their own and are often not shy about expressing what it is they want. And on days where your toddler is tired, the day can go from bad to worse in seconds.

Whilst people without children may never fully appreciate the ease of getting from A to B with no children in tow, for parents it is often a very basic task which requires a little bit of forward planning. For younger toddlers especially, who are new to walking, a buggy is sometimes just not good enough. They want to walk, or run, or just to be held. But what if time is of the essence? Letting your toddler walk is not always an option because a twenty meter walk can sometimes take longer than the time it would take to watch paint dry.

We’ve come up with a list of alternatives, which would give your toddler a break from the buggy whilst keeping the journey swift and safe.

Carrier / sling

A soft structured carrier is always good to have in your bag. It’s easy to fold and can be whipped out and worn in seconds. This is particularly helpful if your toddler is tired - extra cuddles for you, and a catnap for them.

Buggy board

If your child needs a bit of a break from walking, this is a great alternative which allows them to see the world without being confined to a buggy. They’re still right under your nose as well, so that takes the worry out of road safety. Top tip - find a universal buggy board which fits almost all buggies.


A trike is a great way of giving your toddler a sense of independence. In fact, a three-in-one trike such as the Smart Trike could even be used from as young as 1 or 2 with an adult steering. As your child get older, the trike grows with them, allowing them to eventually ride on their own. Just be sure to set limits and stop points along your route to keep everyone safe.

Micro scooter

Another great option for the more independent toddler, a micro scooter can be used not only by the child alone, but also pulled along by a parent when they're tired. This way of getting from A to B is simple enough for young children to be able to ride without needing training wheels first. If your toddler is tired simply pull the scooter along whilst they stand on it. Problem solved!